Library Meeting Room Reservations

When not otherwise required for use in Library related activities, the Bonner Springs City Library welcomes the use of its Meeting Room to governmental agencies and non-profit Organizations engaged in educational, civic, cultural and charitable activities who agree to abide by this policy. The Meeting Room is available for these organizations in support of the Library’s mission to be of service to the community. Commercial organizations are not eligible to use the Meeting Room.

Open Access
The Meeting Room is made available free of charge on an equitable, first come, first served basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or Organizations requesting its use. Permission to use the Library Meeting Room does not in any way constitute the Library’s endorsement of a groups policies, practices or beliefs, and no claim to that effect may be used, either implicitly or explicitly in any advertising.  All meetings shall be open to the public, and no admission may be charged.

Making a Reservation
Please read our meeting room policy prior to making a reservation. The meeting room application is available for download (PDF) and may be dropped off at the library.

Confirmation of Reservation
The applicant must obtain approval/confirmation of the reservation before they can consider the room available for their use. Request submission does not guarantee approval. In most cases, the applicant should expect the Library to provide approval or denial of the reservation within 24 hours.

If approved, the Library will provide a receipt confirming the reservation date and time.

If you have any questions please call the library at 913-441-2665.